Grain bags

Quantity in a package
500 pieces
If you didn't find the required modification or size on our website, leave an application, and we will produce bags of any size according to the required specifications.

High-quality package, transportation and storage of agricultural goods are crucial factors in preservation of useful properties of food products. Grain bags need to conform to especially strict requirements. They must not only withstand significant weight of harvest from fields, but also have high levels of sealing and resistance to temperature variations and external effects, as processed wheat, rye, oats and other crops are stored for significant periods of time.

The most practical option for preservation of useful products is the polypropylene bag capable of withstanding up to 50 kg or even more. Due to double stitching, the risk of tearing and damaging the package is prevented. LLC “HimPromPak” offers you high-quality packages for grains at reasonable prices. Sales are performed on a wholesale basis; a flexible pricing system is applied, and warranty is provided to customers.