Sugar bags

Quantity in a package
500 pieces
If you didn't find the required modification or size on our website, leave an application, and we will produce bags of any size according to the required specifications.

Polypropylene bags for sugar are the most practical type of package for this necessary but very sensitive food product. The package complies with strict requirements in terms of both strength and sealing: penetration of even a small amount of water can destroy the entire volume of products. In order to prevent such situations, production of bags with waterproof inserts with capacity of 50 kg has been performed. Bags are made of high-strength polypropylene thread that is several times more reliable than its flax and cotton analogs.

The range includes packages of all sizes and colors. If you want to buy bags for sugar from the manufacturer at a reasonable price on a wholesale basis, call or write us. The managers will recommend the best options for your needs, calculate the price of the order and coordinate the convenient time of shipping.