Litter bags

Quantity in a package
500 pieces
If you didn't find the required modification or size on our website, leave an application, and we will produce bags of any size according to the required specifications.

Polypropylene packaging is very convenient to use, practical and versatile. Polymer products are used for various purposes. Along with the transportation of food products and bulk materials, they are used as bags for construction waste. Made of high-strength fabric, the container eliminates accidental rupture even with the heaviest load, which can lead to an accident during construction, repair or decoration.

The company LLC HimPromPak has been manufacturing packaging materials for many years and has long taken a leading position in the Republic of Belarus. You can buy large and small polypropylene garbage bags from us. How much they cost is not the main issue: thanks to our own production, we are pleased to offer customers adequate prices for high-quality products. Wholesale from the manufacturer at the lowest cost.