Polypropylene fabric

Quantity in a package
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Reliable and environmentally clean polypropylene fabric is the perfect raw material for production of durable packages for bulk products. Bags made of this material are used for transportation of industrial and food products. The main feature is the ability to withstand significant weight exceeding the weight of the web several times. For the purpose of convenience, packages with packing tape are used.

Advantages of polypropylene fabric:

  • high tensile strength;
  • does not react with water and chemicals;
  • is characterized by ease and speed of production;
  • the products are convenient for use and durable.

If you want to buy polypropylene fabric, call us or leave your application on the website. Our managers will calculate the price of the order and promptly contact the customer. Attractive price of bag packages will be a pleasant surprise for customers. We ship wholesale orders to points across the country.

List of names of polypropylene fabric:

1Polypropylene fabric55*2 cm., 50*2cm80 g/m2
2Polypropylene fabric55*2 cm., 50*2cm70 g/m2
3Polypropylene fabric55*2 cm., 50*2cm62 g/m2
4Polypropylene fabric150*2 cm., 188*2cm, 200х2 cm80 g/m2
5Polypropylene fabric150*2 cm., 188*2cm, 200х2 cm90 g/m2
6Polypropylene fabric150*2 cm., 188*2cm, 200х2 cm100 g/m2
7Polypropylene fabric150*2 cm., 188*2cm, 200х2 cm120 g/m2
7Polypropylene fabric150*2 cm., 188*2cm, 200х2 cm140 g/m2
9Polypropylene fabric150*2 cm., 188*2cm, 200х2 cm155 g/m2

Specifications of polypropylene fabric:

  • color of the fabric is agreed upon with the customer;
  • at least 32х32 threads per every 10 cm of the web;
  • tensile strength of the fabric by base and woof, N, minimum – 588;
  • surface density – not less than 62 g/m2;2;
  • winding length – up to 3,000 running meters
  • fabric width — 37-60 cm and from 150-200 cm.