Polypropylene bags

Quantity in a package
500 pieces
If you didn't find the required modification or size on our website, leave an application, and we will produce bags of any size according to the required specifications.

Why give preference to packaging made of polypropylene?

  • The packaging is very durable, chemically resistant and not prone to corrosion.
  • Perfectly protects the cargo from dust and any contact with the outside environment.
  • It is made from natural components, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Thanks to the use of polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner, it is very convenient to store bulk products.
  • Perfect for building materials and food products.
  • Very light, flexible and thermally resistant (withstands almost all temperature fluctuations).

At the request of the customer the package can be marked with a brand name or logo.

“High strength, moisture and heat resistance make polypropylene bags ideal packaging for most bulk products…”

Bag with liner (sugar, salt, dry mixes, seeds, etc.)

Dimensions, cmCapacity, kg

Open sack, thermal trimmed (groats, mixed fodder, fertilizers)

Dimensions, cmCapacity, kg

Open sack, neck twisted and hemmed (flour)

Dimensions, cmCapacity, kg
  • A sleeve fabric is used in the manufacture of the bag.
  • At least 32×32-number of threads for every 10 cm of fabric.
  • The breaking load of the fabric section on the weft and backing is not less than 588N, the bottom seam is not less than 294N.
  • Surface density not less than 62g/m2.
  • Neckline – twisted and hemmed/thermocut.
  • The color of the bag is agreed with the customer.
  • One package contains 500/1000 pieces.
  • Anti-skid thread.
  • Applying the logo.

If you do not find the desired modification, size or color of the bag on our website, leave your request and we will produce bags to the required specifications of any size.